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August 30, 2019

Utrecht Early Music Festival 2019

"The triumph was absolute, and when it is achieved before an audience that has come virgin of prejudices and expectations, and without resorting to tricks or concessions to easy applause such as those that abound so much in the world of ancient music, it is much more valuable and significant..."

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El Pais (ES)

Luminoso Oriente -Teatro dei Cervelli-10

August 29, 2019

Utrecht Early Music Festival 2019

"The last concert of the day was in the Pieterskerk, and here we were in for a nice surprise. [...] The Theatro dei Cervelli, directed by Andrés Locatelli, who also played the recorder, may have been founded only a few years ago, they have already achieved a high level of musicianship and interpretation. [...] I hope that they will return in one of the next editions and I can't wait to hear them on disc." 


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Musica dei Donum (NL)


May 20, 2019

Cremona Monteverdi Festival 2019

"A gaze towards the past with genuine interpretative freshness that was perceived throughout the concert at the Foppone church. The programme, divided into three parts, reflected the different moments of the day with a suggestive symbolic value." 

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La Provincia (IT)

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